Mat Rules

1.    Safety is our foremost priority and our collective responsibility.  Focus during class and be vigilant.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu carries with it an element of danger that demands your utmost attention - for the sake of your own safety, for the safety of your partners, and to optimize your development as a martial artist.   Pay attention at all times in the gym.  Be aware of your surroundings and your partners.  Always be careful.  Always be controlled.

2.    Treat people as you would like to be treated.


3.    Cleanliness is key.  Training BJJ involves close personal contact.  Come to class with clean clothes, a clean gi, and a clean body.  Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed.  Don’t be “that guy”.


4.    Remove any jewelry, watches, piercings and anything that could catch and cause a hazard or tear skin.  If your hair is long, make sure it’s pulled back and secured.


5.    Respect the tap above all else.  The tap is one of the key elements that makes Jiu Jitsu special because it allows us to train with intensity, but still stay safe.  A tap can be signaled by tapping your hand(s) or feet either on your opponent or on the mat.  It can also be signaled by saying “tap” vocally.   Tap firmly and/or loudly.  When your partner taps, immediately stop the action and release any and all pressure.


6.    Tap early, tap often.  There is nothing to be gained from getting injured in training.  On the flip side, allow your partner time to tap.  More strain is rarely if ever the answer to completing a submission, and your progress along with the health of the training environment is better served by focusing on refining your technique.


7.    Forbidden Techniques:

No striking of any kind is allowed in a BJJ class.

No slamming is allowed in a BJJ class.  If you elevate your partner, it is your responsibility to bring them safely back to the mat.

No neck-cranks, direct grabbing of the throat, or eye gouging is allowed.

No small joint manipulation is allowed.  You must grab four or more fingers/toes at a time if manipulating the hands or feet.

Groin protection and mouth guards are not required but are recommended.

8.    No shoes or bags are allowed on the mats.  Shoes must be worn outside the mats.  No bare feet between the bathroom/locker room and the matted area.  Water brought into class should be in a sealable container and kept against the wall and out of the way.  Shoe storage space is available by both doors.  Lockers are available in the locker room at no additional charge.  You must provide your own lock.


9.    When the instructors are teaching, remain silent and give them your full attention.  Phones are to be stowed and not brought out in class (first responders and other special situations should check with the instructor).  If you absolutely must take a call, then please exit the gym.


10.  Parents observing their children should remain off the mat space for safety purposes.  The entire mat space is observable when seated by the windows on the gym floor.


11.  If you’re ill, stay home and rest.  Do not come into the gym sick - for the sake of your own health and for that of your teammates.  If you have any type of skin infection, then you will not be allowed to train until it is cleared up.  Bacterial and fungal infections can be highly contagious and spread quickly.  If you suspect you may have one or are not sure, then please err on the side of caution and see a doctor.


12.  Do not leave a mess.  Pick up after yourself.  Exercise basic respect and common sense like you would in any public place.


13.  Do your best to arrive before class begins.  If late arrival is unavoidable, then please wait quietly at the edge of the mats for an instructor to welcome you in.


14.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask an instructor.  We are here to guide your progress and ensure the quality of your experience.


15.  We need everyone’s cooperation and team work to keep the gym a well-oiled machine.  Your assistance is sincerely appreciated.


16.  Have fun!